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More than 3 decades of advising wealthy individuals has given BancorpTrust a rare ability to anticipate our clients’ needs. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of wealth, every aspect of our advice – from assessment to delivery and implementation – is tailored to your unique requirements.

Do you need a complex corporate structure spanning across 5 continents and 100 countries?

Does it need to be tax exempt?

We have the global expertise and solutions you are looking for.


Carefully informed insight and structure are at the heart of BancorpTrust renowned Wealth Management Advice Service. By building a financial framework spanning both sides of the balance sheet, BancorpTrust wealth managers work to understand every aspect of your wealth, your legal circumstances and risk appetite, in keeping with your lifestyle, needs and objectives.

We will articulate clear and tailored recommendations – from investments to retirement planning and complex tax structuring – designed to realise your objectives now and in the future.


Every one of our clients has a unique story behind their wealth and equally unique plans for their future. We understand that as your wealth accumulates, the need for advice will vary. Focused Advice offers targeted recommendations for a specific area or objective for your wealth – such as investments, retirement planning or protection – or serves as a flexible alternative to comprehensive advice on your entire finances. 

In line with our advice approach, recommendations can be tailored to your individual needs and preferred level of involvement in your investment decisions.


Each of our recommendations connects to innovative ideas and solutions. Having built a shared understanding and agreed objectives for your wealth, your wealth manager will work seamlessly with other specialists to translate these ambitions into action. We complement our own suite of products and services with a restricted number of solutions from the wider market, to provide the perfect mix for your exacting needs.


Having swiftly and expertly put the plan in place for you and your wealth to grow in line with your aspirations, we will partner with you to build and adjust your portfolio as markets, fiscal regimes and your own circumstances evolve. Your advisory team is always on hand to discuss any aspect of your wealth strategy. Whether you seek continual or less frequent engagement, intelligent relationships and an unparalleled insight into your overarching circumstances are key to the exceptional service you can expect from BancorpTrust.

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