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Millions of crypto investors across the world facing the same dilemma. BancorpTrust is here to assist you unconventional, unbureaucratic and of course fast! We purchase your Bitcoins or other crypto and exchange these into the currency of your choice to be transferred into your bank account. If you are interest in these special services, please read on… (Even if you don’t own any of the cryptocurrency currently, continue reading, content from this article will come in handy when you do.)

The digital age is staring at us from the near future. We are already experiencing countless instances in our daily lives which are influenced by emerging technology. And one such technology which has changed, or a better word, revamped the way we deal with our finances and money is cryptocurrency! Cryptocurrency is a lot more than just a tender to transact. Blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency runs has found many uses beyond being a medium of exchange.

You are probably familiar with crypto or a digital currency and what feat it accomplishes over our conventional money. And you might hold some of the tokens as an investment if you don’t actively trade in them.

Technical experts suggest that, like every other business cycle, cryptocurrencies have a cycle of their own. Breaking it down in simpler terms, there are trending phases (drastic price movements, can go up or down) and range-bound phases (consolidating).

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Like any other asset, the value of a cryptocurrency is governed by the supreme force of marker demand and supply. Still, many other factors influence its valuation, which makes cryptocurrency one of the most volatile assets. Some factors which dictate the price of a cryptocurrency is: (not in chronological sequence)

  1. Utility of a coin

  2. The perceived value of the project

  3. Demand- Adoption by masses

  4. Supply- Availability

  5. Scarcity and cost of production (mining and node count)

  6. Market Competition

  7. Market capitalization

  8. Market Sentiment

  9. Rules and Regulatory developments

  10. Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal Factors

  11. Global and local news developments

  12. Bitcoin is the oldest and the most valued cryptocurrency, with a market of over 1.1 trillion dollars). It can be summarized as fishes are bound to move with the ocean’s current.

  13. Giant corporations’ interests and Influence from some concerned individuals


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset with wild fluctuations. All of the above factors are regularly mended. It is wise to constantly book your profits, i.e., securing some of your gains, and this can be done by converting your cryptocurrencies into your legal tender (USD, EURO, etc.).


We at BancorpTrust believe in providing facilities that make people's lives easier. Our cryptocurrency exchange service aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and your legal tender by allowing you to exchange it in cash.

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Everyone is interested in cryptocurrency these days. But before you get in on the action, you'll need a crypto exchange to convert your legal tender into digital currency to buy or sell crypto like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), or people’s favorite Dogecoin (DOGE).

Picking the suitable crypto exchange can be a complicated process, and when searched on the internet, the plethora of results might put you in awe. But what you need to check is the credibility of the exchange, fees, security, see if your asset is listed, etc. plus the ability to EXCHANGE your tokens into FIAT currencies, which is what a lot of crypto exchanges simply fail to offer.  

1.) Trusted and fully secured platform

We provide multi-layer top-notch security for every transaction and customer data.

2.) Exchange taking place at “spot price.”

Spot price refers to the current price of an asset in the marketplace where it can be bought or sold. We give access to the best and competitive exchange rates for your cryptocurrency.

3.) Cryptocurrencies available for exchange

We accept and exchange more than 1500 cryptocurrencies into your desired legal tender that can be converted online in just a few minutes.

4.) Fees and other charges levied

We have a flat transaction cost of only 5%

5.) Easy to use online platform

We aim to reduce the noise and stick to what you need, a simple and easy-to-use interface without any technical jargon.

6.) Get your money transferred from your crypto wallet to your bank in 1-2 weeks.

After all, it is your money, and we try to deliver your good at a competitive speed of 1 to 2 weeks.

7.) Credibility

BancorpTrust is a licensed investment bank & trust and our management team has a track record of over 30 years working in the realm of finance. We not only provide the facility to convert your currency, but we also provide more sophisticated services like setting up your cryptocurrency exchange or setting up your own investment bank.


8.) Support and assistance

Our team of experts is always available to ensure your smooth onboarding and converting procedure.


We cannot ignore the rising presence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. And staying better informed and prepared on what our future will look like will always give you an edge, as it eliminates the possibility of upheaval and forced to change spontaneously. We at BancorpTrust are right by your side as we always keep our customers first and work to provide satisfactory services.

Our management team has over 3 decades of successful track record; we specialize in establishing cryptocurrency exchangesInvestment banks, offshore banks, Licensed Investment funds, Digital Payment solutions, etc., at a fraction of the cost of other similar services providers.


Want to discuss your individual or business needs with our experts?  Get in touch with our experts for a confidential consultation.

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