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How Finding Banks For Sale Can Help You Grow Revenue

A securities license permits you to market and sell funds. Reliant on the right held, you might have a job as a listed representative or an investment consultant. Therefore, we offer our clients the ideal investment fund license.

This exclusive regime option has been a widespread route for fund managers who wish to start a fund in a tax-neutral jurisdiction. We are the leading suppliers to access a quick and cost-effective European market by raising capital through a listing on Euronext.

Moreover, Eurolist by Euronext is a structured market as raised to in the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. So, get the premium investment fund license for your banking system!

Benefits of investment fund license

We will enlighten you more about the banking business and the specialized services. Some significant benefits include:


We provide insolvency protection for investment funds, and the fund company does not own the investment assets, as it is independently held. Furthermore, investment funds and financial intermediaries must adhere to strict legal guidelines.


When building up their assets, fund depositors do not put all their eggs in one basket. Alternatively, they capitalize via only one savings product in many diverse securities, e.g., in stocks or bonds of businesses from various segments or in real estate.


BancorpTrust is a fund saver in which you can invest a more significant sum once or regularly pay into a fund savings plan. We provide flexibility to our clients and make online banking more manageable for you.


There is barely any other economic product that offers savers with such inclusive information as do investment funds. Even before purchasing, you can compare various funds using complete product information.

Contact us for further information. We have experts to guide you and meet your requirements.

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