With an in-depth understanding of the world you move in, U.S. Bancorp & Capital Trust provides modern banking underpinned by a renowned tradition of service. Offering you choice and flexibility in managing your finances, while preserving the personal touch and accessibility you expect from us.


With a deep understanding of the links between our clients’ personal and professional lives, BancorpTrust private bankers offer expertise across a range of sophisticated financial solutions – from banking and deposits to borrowing and protection. As more complex needs arise, our private bankers will call on BancorpTrust specialists for advice in keeping with your wider wealth.



With a thriving network of experts, influencers and pioneers, being a client of BancorpTrust opens doors to many opportunities. Powerful insight, extensive connections and carefully crafted events inspire, empower and challenge those we work with. Whatever their background, industry or experience, BancorpTrust clients innovate and reshape perceptions.


With insight and judgement shaped by working with wealthy individuals, we appreciate the subtlety and complexity of the lives they lead. Expert in the drivers of wealth generation and the intricacies of international and ultra high net worth individuals, we are well placed to understand your needs.

BancorpTrust has been the bank of pioneers. Today we are proud to work with more than 20,000 innovative entrepreneurs from across the world. With extensive insight and expertise, we provide specialist advice and solutions at each stage of your wealth journey.



A range of flexible and convenient solutions, with a personal delivery of service.


A diverse range of borrowing facilities, suiting the needs of wealthy individuals.


Timely, flexible solutions to help you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of real estate.


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