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Titles of Nobility

Mediation of Titles of Nobility

BancorpTrust - private banks for sale, Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Banking Blockchain Trusts, Capital Trusts, Family Banks & Blockchain Trust

We are able to offer our worldwide clients the opportunity to become Lord & Lady of a prestigious UK location by way of very prestigious "Seated" Titles, that is "with land". These Titles of Lord and/or Lady are Seated Titles.  That is, they include therewith a named area of land - the purchasers of which will legally be entitled to call themselves Lord and Lady of.. the named land parcel purchased.

By acquiring and using a Seated Title you will undoubtedly be treated very differently by the people with whom you come into contact with in all aspects of social and commercial interactions.  You may expect the best table at a restaurant, the best seats at the theatre and aboard ship - dinner at the Captain's Table.  Imagine the difference in the attitude of hotel staff when you check in, not as Mr. and Mrs. but as Lord and Lady. Likewise in the business world - where your Title will give you instant credibility and personal prestige.

For example, if Mr. and Mrs. Brown were to purchase land from Lord Andrew entitled "Westminster" then they would be legally entitled to call themselves and be known as Lord and Lady Brown of Westminster with all the social and commercial benefits this would undoubtedly bring.

Our list of available Titles of Nobility include:


  • Lord or Lady

  • Baron or Baroness

  • Viscount or Viscountess

  • Count or Countess

  • Marquis or Marchioness

  • Duke or Duchess

  • Prince or Princess

  • Grand Prince or Princess

  • Archduke or Archduchess

  • Prince Elector & Margrave

You will legally acquire the Titles and a named area of land belonging to Lord Andrew's Estate by way of land purchase. We would make clear that it is the Titles themselves that are of significance here with the land itself being of no great importance being but a token area of Lord Andrew's Estate. However, all legal requirements for the preparation of Deeds and the Transfer of Ownership of the land must be adhered to, and so, in addition to the Title Documentation and Certification (ideal for framing) you, the new Titled Land Owner(s) will receive a UK Government Land Certificate - issued by HM Land Registry - guaranteeing ownership of the land and showing thereon the new land owners Titles of Lord and / or Lady, or any other Title.

Is it Legal?

These Titles are totally legal and they last all your life. You can even change your driving licence, passport, credit cards and bank accounts to show your new effective Title, and you don't have to live in the UK or be a British citizen (We show you the simplest way to do this when you receive the documents). Before offering the Seated Title service the whole process was scrutinized by lawyers specializing in English Common Law relating to names, Titles and Copyright as well as all aspects of Real Estate and Land Law.  


Please remember, we deal with an official Government agency in these matters and clearly, they (HM Land Registry) would not be party to anything illegal. We can supply Titles to clients all around the world.

Nominations are only available for selected individuals with excellent reputation and financial standing. Anonymity - trust - seriousness are the pillars on which we have been building for over 32 years. This has always been our policy, it is our policy and it will continue to be so.

To see if you would qualify, contact us for a confidential consultation:

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