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Setting up your Offshore Bank


Businesses are going international, but the increasing regulations have made it difficult for modern-day growth-minded businesses and individuals to grow. In the words of Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of International Trade Union Confederation of Australia, says, “Globalization has much potential. It could be the answer to many of the world's seemingly intractable problems. But this requires strong democratic foundations based on a political will to ensure equity and justice.”

These stringent rules and regulations are neither a complaint nor a blockade that can stop the growth of zealous entrepreneurs like you. And in order to combat this problem, offshore banks came to the scene.


Offshore banks are banks regulated under an international banking license, i.e., banking services in a foreign jurisdiction outside of the country of one’s residence. Offshore bank units (OBUs) have made international transactions and business much more accessible.

We at BancorpTrust are on a mission to encourage entrepreneurship and empower freedom to growth-minded individuals and businesses by providing the right tools accompanied by our expertise of over three decades of working in the realm of finance. We specialize in establishing offshore banks, investment banks, capital trusts, etc. Contact us to know more about our wide array of services that can help your business grow exponentially.


In modern times where business and people are firmly connected, borders on the map are merely on the globe. Increasing Globalization and growing economies have connected different countries better than before. It is the leading cause of the increasing demand for offshore banks.

  1. People are working or living abroad.

  2. People are planning to move abroad.

  3. People move countries regularly.

  4. People are chronic travelers, i.e., they make frequent trips to different countries.

  5. People’s business operates in a foreign land (freelancers getting paid in foreign currency).

  6. People own assets abroad, i.e., investments, properties, etc.

  7. People support their family living overseas, for example, a child studying in a foreign college.


While each bank and account come with its distinct features and benefits, a few of the standard perks are:

  1. Tax-efficient savings and investments in various currencies.

  2. Asset protection and diversification of wealth

  3. The transaction is possible in multiple currencies. With Globalization and rapid growth in eCommerce, a business shouldn't be limited in your fiat. With an offshore bank, you aren’t limited to your fiat currency; you can hold, make and receive payments in multiple currencies.

  4. Reach to international expertise and investment adviceWith an extension to the above point, when trades are happening globally, why should we limit our investments to one country? Offshore banks give access to the international market, foreign assets, and investment advice. Offshore investment accounts can open investments in multiple jurisdictions, i.e., cashing the benefits from the developing markets and gaining a sense of security from the developed markets.

  5. Manage foreign exchange and defeat currency depreciation. Arbitragers can benefit from the difference between the price of different assets in different markets.

  6. Reduce the risk of bank failure. Instable countries can often lead to the failure of banks.

  7. They provide economic and political stability. Political and economic uncertainty is unavoidable risk factors in the regional market. But, if we diversify our investments in economic and politically stable countries, we can significantly reduce the country default chances.

  8. Higher interest rate. Countries like Japan and Germany offer negative interest rates, i.e., you lose money on your saving kept in the bank. On the other end, some offshore banks can get upwards of 3-4% on interest on the capital parked with them.

  9. Easier access to international banking information and financial markets.

  10. Multi-layer Security. Offshore banks keep your money safe and centrally located, which can be connected to your local accounts.

  11. Account privacy and Confidentiality. Anonymous offshore bank accounts no longer exist, but these banks certainly provide higher privacy levels than domestic banks.


Buying an offshore bank for sale is the most effective and efficient way to own an offshore bank. Buying an already established offshore bank can save you time and cost for setting the core banking system, compliance systems, and your offshore bank license.


Reasons and benefits of ownership of an offshore bank are getting recognized by people worldwide, which directly boosts the demand for offshore banks. Hence, setting an offshore bank isn't just highly enticing for an individual, but they are also a lucrative business venture. But setting them up can be a hassle if a proper action plan is not formulated and followed.

We at BancorpTrust are a team of professionals with experience of over 30 years, specializing in establishing offshore banks, investment banks, licensed investment funds, cryptocurrency exchange, credit unions, capital trusts, etc.

Contact us, for a confidential consultation on how to establish your own Investment Bank or Offshore Bank & Capital Trust. Our experts will reach out to you in the next 24 hours.


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