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About us

Greetings, Future Investment Banking Millionaires!

Imagine, you could be owning a tax-exempt Investment Banking Fund & Trust for only $49,000!

BancorpTrust is highly specialized in establishing investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions & capital trusts or licensed Investment Funds and Blockchain Trusts for our clients across the world. We like to take this opportunity to enlighten you more about our business and the specialized services we offer.


We provide you the opportunity to establish your own Investment Bank including the power to buy, sell or trade any cryptocurrency across the world on behalf of your future Investment Banking clients. We establish for you your own investment bank or licensed investment fund without much bureaucratic red tape, at a favorable price, and with electronic payment capabilities right from the comfort of your home!


As you know, Cryptocurrency is the future of the monetary transaction market, and BancorpTrust is here to help you bring your new Investment Bank to a global audience. Our slogan is:


"Cryptocurrency is the future; BancorpTrust is bringing it to you!”


The BancorpTrust team believes in opening up opportunities for global entrepreneurs and giving them the freedom to choose the best service provider in their area of interest. However, as with every other business, BancorpTrust also tries to make its presence felt in the business world, especially when it comes to reducing or eliminating your corporate tax.


BancorpTrust is a dedicated offshore banking firm offering financial services in multiple jurisdictions. We take pride in building a relationship of trust with our clients. Our management team has 30+ years' experience of serving our international clients with global investment banking, private banking, consulting, and corporate finance services in countries like the USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, and 60 more countries across the world. This international mindset and expertise enables us to understand the complex business needs and goals of our global clientele.


“The best time to establish your investment bank was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.”

As a licensed Investment Bank and Statutory Trust, BancorpTrust provides equity investments, financial advisory services, M&A management consulting, and establishing investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions, capital funds, and tax-exempt real estate developments through our sister company Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust.


Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust is a licensed Investment Bank & Statutory Trust specialized in intelligent business solutions, including tax exempt residency,  land financing, and tax free business community developments for global entrepreneurs. Residency privileges in our Blockchain DigitalCity Community include your own Investment Bank formation and tax exemption for 30 years, as well as many more amazing residence benefit including your own Diplomatic Passport.

In the last 3 decades, we have been operating in the field of finance and investment banking, which enables the middle class and retailers with the opportunity to compete against the big corporations, services like establishing cryptocurrency exchanges, setting up Investment banks, offshore banks, Licensed Investment funds, etc., at a very competitive cost.


Our highly experienced management team has NEVER paid any income tax for the last 32 years to any Government across the world, legally! You can benefit from our expertise and achieve exactly the same business benefits for your lifetime!

About You


Have you been thinking about establishing your own Investment Bank or licensed Investment Fund without a lot of bureaucratic “red tape”, with electronic payment capabilities– and for a budget you can afford?

You have done your research across the world, compared service providers only to discover that they are either too expensive or simply not worth your time?

Rest assured, BancorpTrust is on your team to make your dream of establishing your own Investment Bank a reality and we also show you how to bring your corporate taxes down to ZERO and much more...


The fight against your own money robbing Government is brutal, but our 30+ years of fight against the “crooked tax system” is even more brutal. Experienced professionals aiding entrepreneurs all around the globe have come up with a robust and 100% legal corporate strategies, tools, expert guidance to achieve tax-free status for a lifetime.

We share a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty and independence from Government tyranny. Owning an Investment Banking Trust with cryptocurrency payment facilities not only is the answer to escape economic Government tyranny, but to regain 100% individual sovereignty and personal freedom.




“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” - MICHELANGELO

If you wish to benefit from our global expertise, our skills and fearless attitude when is comes to dealing with Government regulations and tax minimization across the world, drop us a line to book your confidential consultation:


So what are you waiting for? Join us today and enjoy these exciting benefits too.


The BancorpTrust Team are experts in creative Investment Bank & Capital Trust establishments, including your own private label Mobile Banking Platform, your own API, your own cryptocurrency facilities, your own SWIFT code, yet without the bureaucratic "red tape"...

Our Mobile Banking technology solutions enable your future banking clients to open a bank account from anywhere. In a matter of seconds - with seamless interaction.

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Our Investment Banks & Real Estate Trusts are fully authorized to collect money from the general public and invest in different types of businesses for your own account and/or for third parties.

These kinds of Investment Bank’s & Real Estate Trusts are ideal for capital raising, purchase and management of real estate of all kinds, including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and apartment blocks as well as for e-wallet, electronic payment solutions.


BancorpTrust is your exclusive source for Investment Bank & Capital Trust establishments across the world. Our price structure for the establishment of your very own Investment Bank & Trust is custom made based on your requirements.


We can establish your Investment Bank & Insurance Trust including 100% Capital Protection for your investors.

By implementing a Capital Guaranteed Note Program, any losses experienced by the underlying investments are absorbed by your Fund, which tends to invest 50% of fund capital into very conservative Government-backed securities to help minimize the likelihood of losses in the event your business would default.
The management team of BancorpTrust has been in this industry since 1990 and has a track record of successful Investment Bank establishments for over 3 decades.
Contact us today to receive our detailed corporate brochure and list of existing investment banks for sale.

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